RESERVED FOR STEPHANIE - Wild Flowers Of America by Mary Vaux Walcott


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Title:  Wild Flowers of America
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover with Dust Jacket
Author:  H. W. Rickett
Illustrator:  Mary Vaux Walcott & Dorothy Falcon Platt
Year:  1965 - Fifth Printing
Publisher:  Crown Publishers, Inc. New York
Length: Unnumbered
Dimensions: 8.75" wide by 12" tall
Condition:  Cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges of the dust jacket.  The book itself is in good, vintage condition.  No writing or torn pages noted.  The title page was never separated from the half title page & did tear a bit where someone tried to separate the two.  They were bound as one sheet & folded over in the binding process - a straight edge razor will easily separate the two.  I left them because I feel this adds character to the book - a little flaw in the printing process.

This volume is filled with 400 flowers in full color.  A gorgeous book for the flower lover in your life.