The Real Book About Buffalo Bill - Children’s History Book


Title:  The Real Book About Buffalo Bill
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover
Author:  Adolph Regli
Illustrator:  Robert J. Lee
Year:  1952 
Publisher:  Garden City Books, New York
Length: 191 Pages
Dimensions: 5.75" wide by 8.5" tall
Condition:  The book shows minor wear to the covers and spine.  No writing, torn or missing pages noted.  The book is tightly bound.  There is a smudge noted on the inside cover - it appears someone removed a sticker & it left a mark.

Please Note:  The photograph of the front cover does not show the book's true color of a soft/pastel blue - it appears grayer than what it is.  The joys of photographing books on a sunny day!