The Poems of Rudyard Kipling - Embossed Leatherbound Edition - Antique Book


Title:  The Poems of Rudyard Kipling
Format:  Leatherbound 
Author:  Rudyard Kipling - with biographical introduction by Nathan Haskell Dole
Illustrator:  None
Year:  Undated
Publisher:  Thomas Y. Crowell Company Publishers
Length: 393 Pages
Dimensions: 4.75" wide by 7.25" tall
Condition:  This embossed leatherbound edition is a work of art if I do say so myself.  The leather is so worn it is soft & delicate to the touch.  The embossed tree on the cover is beautiful.  The covers and spines show a lot of wear - this edition has been well loved over the years.  The inside is surprisingly clean other than a water mark at the top of the book as shown in the photos.  This mark does not go through the entire book - by page 70, it has disappeared.  No writing, torn or missing pages are noted.  There are a few pages with corner folds at the top - these corner folds are small & were caused by the way the book was stored at one time, not by someone turning them down while reading.  The front and back endsheets are torn and coming away from the leather as noted in the photos.  Please note in the one photo, I clamped down the inside endsheet so it gives the appearance it is still attached. However, it looks almost exactly like the photo of the back endsheet.  Please be sure to view all photos as they are part of the visual description of this edition.