The Deerslayer and The Pathfinder by James Fenimore Cooper


Title:  The Deerslayer or The First War Path and The Pathfinder or The Inland Sea
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Author:  Fenimore Cooper
Illustrator:  None
Year:  Undated
Publisher:  A.J. Burt Company and M. A. Donahue & Co.
Length:  512 Pages and 417 Pages
Dimensions: 5.25" wide by 7.5" tall
Condition:  The spines and covers show wear on this edition.  There is a large blue mark on the cover of The Deerslayer, which I believe is from a pen (could be a marker but it does not bleed through to the end sheets or inside cover).  There are a couple of words underlined in pencil on the first page of the preface & there is one minor page tear on page 461.  The end sheets have been removed from the Pathfinder.  No writing or torn pages noted.  No other pages are missing.  Both books are tightly bound.