Sleepy Time Stories - 1800's Children's Book by Maud Ballington Booth - Illustrated by Maud Humphrey


– Sold Out
  • Sleep Times Stories Children Book
  • Printed in 1899
  • Written by Maud Ballington Booth 
  • Illustrated by Maud Montgomery
This is an amazing children's book with an embossed cover & spine - what beautiful gilt.  Found tucked in a thrift shop recently, I could not resist this beauty.  I feel you don't find a lot of pink & green books so when you do, you snatch them up.  It was not until I got home, that I realized it was illustrated by Maud Montgomery.  The book is worn around the edges & it appears the inside page was torn out at one time.  The binding is a little lose at the beginning as well - all to be expected from a book over 100 years old.  I can only imagine the hours it has been read over those 100 years.  I love the handwritten inscription on the inside cover:  To Edith From Daddy.