Set of Four Picture Books/Early Readers About The History of Airplanes - The Little Airplane by Lois Lenski


Title:  The Little Airplane, Sky Pioneers:  The Story of Wilbur and Orville Wright, Amelia Earhart Pioneer in the Sky (A Discovery Book), and The First Book of Airplanes
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Author:  Lois Lenski, Jeanne LeMonnier Gardner, John Parlin, and Jeanne Bendick
Illustrator:  Lois Lenski, 
Year:  1957, 
Publisher:  Oxford University Press, 
Dimensions: smallest is 7.25" wide by 7.25" tall and largest is 7.5" wide by 8.75" tall
Condition:  Minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges.  The Little Airplane and Amelia Earhart.  These two books have been well-loved by the students over the years & show wear with page wrinkles and smudges.  Amelia still has a library pocket & card in the back for a classroom library.  These two are ex-schoolbooks & have school stamps & names written in them & on the front covers.  Sky Pioneers and The First Book of Airplanes are in good vintage condition, only showing minor cover & spine wear - their insides are clean - no writing, torn or missing pages noted.