Random House Step Up To Reading Early American History Book Set - 6 Titles


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Title:  Random House Step Up To Reading Early American History Book Set:  Meet The North American Indians, Meet The Pilgrim Fathers, Meet George Washington, Meet Thomas Jefferson, The Adventures of Lewis & Clark and Meet Abraham Lincoln
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Author:  various
Illustrator:  various
Publisher:  Step Up Books - Random House, New York
Year:  various
Length:  various
Dimensions: 6.75" wide by 8.5" tall
Condition:  Minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges.  There is a rainbow sticker on the inside cover of Abraham Lincoln.  Meet the Pilgrim Fathers and Thomas Jefferson has a glossy cover; the remaining books are all clothbound hardcovers.  Meet the Pilgrim Fathers & Meet The North American Indians have an inscription on their inside covers.  No other writing noted in the remaining books.  No torn or missing pages noted.  These books are tightly bound.