My Father's Dragon Three Book Set by Ruth Stiles Gannett


Title:  Tales of My Father's Dragon:  My Father's Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon & The Dragons of Blueland
Format:  Glossy Softcovers
Author:  Ruth Stiles Gannett
Illustrator:  Ruth Stiles Gannett
Year:  Originally Published in 1948, the copyright listed is 1987
Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf - New York
Length: 87 Pages, 88 Pages, & 88 Pages
Dimensions: 6" wide by 8" tall
Condition:  These books are in like-new condition with the exception of My Father's Dragon.  This edition has handwritten notes in pencil throughout the book - was this part of a children's literature class?  I believe these notes could easily be erased if desired.  I find them charming & they add character to the book.