My Book House Book Complete Set - Olive Beaupre Miller - Pastel Covers


Title:  My Book House Book Complete Set of 12
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Edited By:  Olive Beaupre Miller
Illustrator:  Various
Year:  1971
Publisher:  The Book House For Children, Lake Bluff, Illinois
Length:  Various
Dimensions: 7.25" wide by 9.5" tall
Condition:  These appear to be like new - they show very minor wear to the covers & spines.  No writing or missing pages noted.  The only damage I noted was one tear to the inside cover as shown in the photos and a bit of the cover of the first book is missing at the bottom at the back of the book, but on the inside - does not show from the outside at all.  All editions are tightly bound.

This set includes:
Volume 1:  In the Nursery

Volume 2:  Story Time

Volume 3:  Up One Pair of Stairs

Volume 4:  Through the Gate
Volume 5:   Over the Hills
Volume 6:  Through the Fairy Hills
Volume 7:  The Magic Garden
Volume 8:  Flying Sails
Volume 9:  The Treasure Chest
Volume 10:  From the Tower Window
Volume 11:  In Shining Armor
Volume 12:  Halls of Fame