History of Herodotus Complete Four Volume Set - 1862 Leather Bound Editions by George Rawlinson, MA


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Title:  History of Herodotus - Complete 4 Volume Set
Format:  Leather Bound Hardcover
Author:  George Rawlinson, MA
Illustrator:  None
Year:  1862
Publisher:  John Murray, London
Length:  586 Pages, 508 Pages, 455 Pages and 457 Pages
Dimensions: 5.75" wide by 9" tall
Remarks:  What a fantastic, complete set of the History of Herodotus.  The spines and covers are leather bound, the covers are also leather & have a gilt design around the edges.  The front and back endsheets along with all foredges are marbled.  The spine boasts six compartments with raised bands, embossing and red and black spine labels.  There are fold out maps and charts within several of the volumes.  The title page states:  "a new English version, edited with copious notes and appendices, illustrating the history and geography of Herodotus, from the most recent sources of information; and embodying the chief results, historical and ethnographical, which have been obtained in the progress of cuneiform and hieroglyphical discovery".
Condition:  The spines and covers show wear as would be expected from books which are over 150 years old.  The wear is mostly around the edges.  The leather at the very bottom of Volume One's spine is coming away from the spine a bit.  The covers are coming lose from the spines in several volumes & Volume Two's back cover has come completely detached from the book.  It is still present, just no longer attached.  Volume Four's front cover appears as though it is barely hanging on & therefore, I did not take a hard look at that volume to check the condition inside.  There is pencil writing noted on the second page of Volume One.  All volumes show minor foxing; however, the foxing seems to be contained to the very front and back pages of each volume. The pages are tightly bound & most editions seem as though they were rarely opened if at all.  Volume One has a piece of clear tape on the spine edge of the endpages & the cover is coming away from the spine at the bottom (probably why someone added the clear tape).  The endpages are split there as well.  Volume Two has a newspaper clipping tucked into pages 274/275 which has caused those pages to yellow where the newspaper has been resting.  I have left the newspaper clipping in the volume.  The front cover of Volume Three has come away from the spine at the top.  The endpage has cracked where it has come away from the spine as well.  It has not cracked the entire length of the book.  Both Volumes One and Four have minor tears to the maps included in the front of the books.   Minor pencil notations were noted in several volumes.  These are mostly book seller notations at the front and backs of the volumes; however, there is a small notation here and there in other volumes - maybe only one or two were noted.

Please be sure to view all photos as they are part of the visual representation of this set.  I have tried to describe them to the best of my ability, however, please note I am not an expert on antique books.  If you have any questions or would like further photographs, please feel free to reach out to me shop & I would be happy to provide any information I am able to provide.  This is an amazing set of books.  I was unable to find another exact set in my online search.  

A Note About Shipping:  Each volume will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a box with packing peanuts completely surrounding the set.  This set will also ship priority mail with insurance to cover the price and shipping.