Handmade Scrapbook Created by Ann E. Ayers in 1933 - Marriage & Childcare


– Sold Out

Title:  Handmade Scrapbook on Marriage & Childcare
Format:  Construction Paper, embroidery floss & copier paper
Author:  Ann E. Ayers
Illustrator:  none
Year:  1933
Publisher:  homemade
Length: unknown
Dimensions: 6.25" wide by 9.5" tall
Condition:  This is a work of art showing what I believe to be a school project on the topic of marriage and childcare.  It is completely handmade, bound with embroidery floss, construction and copier papers.  The cover was hand decorated as well.  It is divided into nine different hand-made sections.  Each piece of construction paper marks the beginning of a new section.  This scrapbook project has been well-loved over the years but is in surprisingly good condition for its age.  The front and back covers show wear & a couple of the pages are no longer attached (although still tucked into their places).  It is a lovely project & I love the clippings and the handwriting throughout.  Lots of color and vintage images.

Sections include Marriage, Motherhood, Our Baby, Bath, Exercise, Habits, Food, and Sleep.