Frank on the Prairie by Harry Castlemon - Frank and Archer Series


Titles:  Frank on the Prairie - a Frank and Archer Series Book
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover
Author:  Harry Castlemon
Illustrator:  None Listed
Year:  None Listed
Publisher:  The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, PA
Length:  pages
Dimensions:  5" wide by 7.25" tall
Condition:  There is minor wear on the spine and covers especially around the edges.  No missing pages noted. There is a name along with a town and state written in red ink on the inside cover.  There is also a sweet little note written on the last page of the story that states:  "Will be pleased by a quick return, after reading it".  This was obviously written by a child.  There is foxing (age spots) noted on the first several pages of the book including the title page and contents page.  The book is tightly bound.  There is also page tears on the several pages at the bottom of the pages.  These do not affect the printed writing at all, just the page edges.