Pair of Horatio Alger, Jr. Antique Books: Falling in with Fortune and Try and Trust


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Title:  Falling in with Fortune - or The Experiences of a Young Secretary and Try and Trust or Abner Holden's Bound Boy
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Author:  Horatio Alger, Jr.
Illustrator:  None
Year:  1900 and undated (Try and Trust has an inscription dated 1905 on the inside cover)
Publisher:  Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, New York
Length: 282 Pages and 295 Pages
Dimensions: 5.25" wide by 7.5" tall (Try and Trust is just a hair shorter)
Condition:  Minimal wear on spine and cover as would be expected with a book of this age. There is an inscription on each inside cover.  No other writing noted.  No torn or missing pages noted.  Editions are tightly bound.