Companion Library Books: Alice in Wonderland, Bambi & Tom Sawyer Abroad


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Title:  Set of Three Companion Library Books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, Bambi & Tom Sawyer Abroad& Other Stories
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover
Author:  Lewis Carroll, Felix Salton, and Mark Twain
Illustrator:  none listed
Publisher:  Grosset & Dunlap, New York
Year:  Alice is Undated, 1929, and 1924
Length: 291 Pages, 293 Pages and218 Pages
Dimensions: 5.25" wide by 7.5" tall
Condition:  Cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges. There is a black mark on the front cover of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. There are names written in pencil inside both Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Tom Sawyer.  Tom Sawyer is missing is end paper (the blank sheet of paper that is opposite the inside cover).  The spine is also cracked at the inside cover of Tom Sawyer.  No other writing, torn or missing pages are noted.  

The covers of these books are lovely.  The design is the same throughout this entire series of books & makes them a great set for display as well as reading.