Cloverfield Farm Stories by Helen Fuller Orton - 1947 First Edition in One Volume


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Title:  Cloverfield Farm Stories
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover
Author:  Helen Fuller Orton
Illustrator:  R. Emmett Owen, Ethel G. Blossom, Helen G. Babbit, and Hugh Spencer
Year:  1947 - First Edition in One Volume
Publisher:  J. B. Lippencott Company, New York & Philadelphia
Length: 122 pages
Dimensions:  7.75" wide by 7.75" tall
Condition:  DO NOT LET THE PHOTOS FOOL YOU - this is a gorgeous edition - the embossed cover is hard to photograph well but I assure you, it is gorgeous. 

Minimal cover & spine wear.  The spine shows color fading - probably the result of years sitting on a bookshelf.  The inside is clean - no writing, torn or missing pages noted.  The binding is strong even though the cover page appears to be cracked (it is not - it is just the age & use of the style of binding present in this edition).  The print is large, and the font and illustrations are typical of the art deco style of the late 1920's & 1930's.  This book was originally published in 1921 and this is the first edition in one volume.