Best In Children's Books by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. 1958 Volume 12


Title:  Best in Children's Books:  With Alice in Wonderland, The Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes, The Three Little Kittens, The Sun Keeps Us Warm, Plink Plink!, America's Lake & River Fish, Val Rides The Oregon Trail (abridged for Best in Children's Books), and Let's Visit Brazil
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover
Author:  Lewis Carroll, Phyllis Krasilovsky, Victor C. Smith, Katherine Clarke & W.R. Teeters, and Sanford Tousey
Illustrator:  various
Year:  1958 - Volume #12
Publisher:  Nelson Doubleday, Inc. Garden City, New York
Length: 160 Pages
Dimensions: 5.75" wide by 8.5" tall
Condition:  Minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges.  The book has been well protected by the dust jacket over the years.  "Property of the Library" is written in ink on the title page of With Alice in Wonderland.  No other writing noted.  No torn or missing pages noted.  This edition is tightly bound.

Best in Children's Books were published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. as part of a book club which ran from 1957 until the late 1960's.  These editions contain both fiction and nonfiction stories & always included information on a different country.  Their gorgeous spines and covers make them a popular set for collectors.  Each cover and spine is embossed and contains illustrations taken from within the pages of the edition.

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