A Bundle of 6 Best in Children's Books Published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc.


The Best in Children's Book Bundle is Here!

The Best in Children's Books were published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. as part of a book club which ran from 1957 until the late 1960's.  These editions contain both fiction and nonfiction stories & each edition features an article about a different country.  Their gorgeous spines and covers make them a popular set for collectors.  Each cover and spine are embossed and contain illustrations taken from within the pages of the edition.  Each story within the book is illustrated by a different illustrator - some illustrators include:  Ezra Jack Keats, Andy Warhol - yes, THE Andy Warhol, Leonard Weisgard, Colleen Browning, and so many more.  They originally came with dust jackets; however, it is not as easy to find editions with their original dust jackets still attached.

Here are the details:
You will receive 6 random Best in Children's Books in each bundle.  Each bundle will include at least one book with its original dust jacket. These are vintage books that have been loved by others before coming here.  They are in good, vintage condition (see below). There are only 8 book bundles available - don't miss out on your chance to start a collection of these gorgeous editions.

How I define "good vintage condition":  minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges, a name or inscription may be included on the inside cover or title page, books are tightly bound, however the spines may be cracked on the inside cover pages (front or back). No books with torn or missing pages will be included.  No writing other than the aforementioned names or inscriptions will be found in these editions.  No duplicates in each bundle.  If you are ordering multiple bundles at one time, I will make sure there are no duplicates.  If you order at different times, I cannot guarantee your bundles will not have repeats as these are random groupings of this series.  

Don't miss your opportunity to start collecting these beautiful books or to add to your growing collection.  These also make great decor and gifts.