An I Can Read Book Set: A Ghost Named Fred & Spooky Tricks

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Title:   A Ghost Named Fred & Spooky Tricks
Format:  Clothbound Hardcover
Author:  Nathaniel Benchley and Rose Wyler & Gerald Ames
Illustrator: Ben Scheter and Talivaldis Stubis 
Publisher:  An I Can Read Book by Harper & Row Publishers 
Year:  1968
Length: 62 Pages & 64 Pages
Dimensions: Approximately 6.5" wide by 9" tall
Condition:  Minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges.  A Ghost Named Fred has two library stamps on the inside covers.  There are minor page tears at the bottom of the pages on a few pages in this book as well from years of being read.  The paper used is a thinner paper prone to tearing as well as aging.  No missing pages noted.  No writing, torn or missing pages noted in Spooky Tricks.  Both books are tightly bound.