The Pathfinder or The Inland Sea by James Fenimore Cooper - Leatherbound Edition


Title:  The Pathfinder or The Inland Sea:  Book 4 of the Leather Stocking Tales
Format:  Leatherbound Hardcover
Author:  James Fenimore Cooper
Illustrator:  None
Year:  Undated
Publisher:  James B. Lyon, Albany, NY
Length: 417 Pages
Dimensions:  5.25" wide by 7.5" tall
Condition:  This leatherbound edition is in good condition for its age (based on the design, style and type of paper used, I am guessing this book to be at least 100 years old if not from the late 1800's).  The covers and spine show minor wear notably around the edges.  No writing or missing pages are noted.  A few pages have minor, small tears along the edge which appear to have been caused by someone fanning through the book.  The book is tightly bound with the exception of one small section where the pages have come away from the binding at the bottom of those pages.  Overall, it is a very clean edition.

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