Set of Three The Alice and Jerry Books Reading Foundation Series Books


– Sold Out
Title:  The Alice and Jerry Basic Reading Foundation Series Books:  Day in and Day Out, Through the Green Gate, and Engine Whistles
Format:  Clothbound Softcovers
Author:  Mabel O'Donnell and Alice Carey - Carey only wrote Day in and Day Out with Mabel O'Donnell
Illustrator:  Florence & Margaret Hoopes
Year:  1957
Publisher:  Row, Peterson and Company
Dimensions: 6" wide by 8" tall
Condition:  Cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges.  There are school stamps & writing on the inside covers of each volume.  The title page of Day in and Day Out has been torn out of the book but is still included. No missing pages noted.  Each volume is tightly bound.  Engine Whistles seems to have fared better than the other two which have been well-loved (read) over the years.  These two have page wrinkles from years of turning, smudges & small page tears at the tops or bottoms of several pages throughout.