Set of Three James Whitcomb Riley Books: Sketches in Prose, Neighborly Poems, and Armazindy


Title:  Sketches in Prose, Neighborly Poems, and Armazindy
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Author:  James Whitcomb Riley
Illustrator:  None Listed
Year:  1901, 1897, and 1894
Publisher:  The Bobbs-Merrill Company Publishers, Indianapolis
Length: 260 Pages, 213 Pages, & 169 Pages
Dimensions: 5.5" wide by 7.75" tall
Condition:  These are uncut editions (see below for an explanation).  No writing, torn or missing pages noted.  Each edition is tightly bound.  No writing, torn or missing pages noted.  These volumes are tightly bound.  I love the color & spine design on this set.

PLEASE NOTE - I have another set of James Whitcomb Riley books that match this set.  They are also uncut editions.  Please search by James Whitcomb Riley to view & purchase with this set.

Uncut pages are pages in a book that have not been trimmed by rebinding, which was a common practice up through the middle of the 19th century (1850s to 1860s). This would result in pages “connected” at the top which would then need to be “cut” with a letter opener to separate the pages allowing for an easier reading.  In this case, they are uncut on the sides/foredges.  You will need to cut the pages in order to read them in these editions.  Using a simple bone folder or letter opener will work.