New Basic Readers Book Set - More Friends & Neighbors, Streets & Roads & Times & Places


      • Set of Three New Basic Reader Vintage School Books
      • Learn to Read
      • Vintage Elementary School Books

      This set of four vintage elementary school books were published by Cathedral Publishers as part of the New Basic Readers. Originally published in the 1930's, these editions are from the 1940's.  They were created for teaching children to read & were widely used in elementary school curriculum.  These are a well-loved collection of elementary school books. 

      The set includes:
      More Friends and Neighbors
      Streets & Roads
      Times and Places

      They measure 8" tall by 5.75" wide.  They have been well loved over the years - the spines & covers are worn (although Times and Places is in near mint condition.  Both inside and back, inside covers have wear as would be expected from vintage schoolbooks.

      Filled with hours of reading time, these are perfect to use for your homeschool library, for hours of story time or to use as a beautiful book stack anywhere in the house.  Do not let a little past love deter you from this set. Imagine the stories these books could tell & the hours of reading they have provided over the years!