Big Eyes The Film, The Art - A Film by Tim Burton, Art by Margaret Keane - First Edition


– Sold Out

Title:  Big Eyes, The Film, The Art - a film by Tim Burton, a lifetime of art by Margaret Keane
Format:  Hardcover with Dust Jacket
Author:  Leah Gallo
Illustrator:  Margaret Keane
Year:  First Edition, December 2014
Publisher:  Titan Books
Length: 192 Pages
Dimensions: 9.75" wide by 12.75" tall - coffee table size
Condition:  Minor cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges of the dust jacket.  This is an ex-library book, however, the only evidence of it being an ex-library book is the library stamp on the top for edges of the book. All other evidence has been removed.  If you run your hands over the front and back covers, you can feel where the tape holding the plastic sleeve covering the dust jacket once was attached.  It has been painstakingly removed.  There is a tiny tear at the bottom of the title page as shown in the photos.  No writing or missing pages noted.The back, inside cover has evidence of where one of the library stickers were removed.  While I did this with a blow dryer (my secret weapon again stickers in books), it still pulled a couple tiny pieces of the cover with it. They are minor but noticeable when you look closely.    

This edition has beautiful full page, color prints at the back of the book - just gorgeous for framing if you so desired to take the book apart.  The inside covers are works of art & could be framed as well.  Just an amazing book and a true first edition to boot.