Cornerstones of Freedom - 34 Book Set - History Books for Children


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Titles:  Set of 34 Cornerstones of Freedom History Books for Children (complete list below)
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Author:  Norman Richards, Marilyn Prolman, R. Conrad Stein, Natalie Miller, Kenneth Richards, Leila M. Foster, Jim Hargrove, and Albert I. Mayer
Illustrator:  various illustrators
Year:  various publication years - the earliest is 1965 & the oldest is 1990
Publisher:  Childrens Press, Chicago for Weekly Reader Books
Length: 31 Pages in each book
Dimensions: 8" wide by 9.75" tall
Condition:  Minor cover and spine wear noted. No writing, torn or missing pages noted.  All tightly bound.  A nice, clean set.  There may be a spot or two throughout the pages, but overall, these are in good condition.  The spines vary slightly in color due to publishing & sitting on a bookshelf over the years.

These were not published in chronological order of United States History.  Each volume has a number on the back & those numbers are the order of publication.  These are great, early readers for the history-lover in your home - get kids excited about history with this short, history lessons.

The Alamo
Barbary Pirates
Rachel Carson
Conestoga Wagon
Declaration of Independence
Ellis Island
Gettysburg Address
Gold at Sutter’s Mill
Golden Spike
Homestead Act
Flight at Kitty Hawk
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Liberty Bell
Little Bighorn
Lincoln Memorial
Mayflower Compact
Mount Rushmore
Nineteenth Amendment
Old Glory
Old Ironsides
Presidential Elections
San Francisco Earthquake
Smithsonian Institution
Star Spangled Banner
Statue of Liberty
Supreme Court
The USS Arizona
The Underground Railroad
The White House
Wounded Knee