Coin Purse/Pouch - Small Wallet - Made from Vintage Tablecloth & Linens


  • Finished Bag Measures 5" wide by 4" tall
  • Made from Vintage Tablecloths & Vintage Linens
  • Oversized making it perfect for change, charge cards, driver’s license, cash, etc.
  • perfect to give a gift card to that someone special.

These vintage coin purses are made using vintage tablecloths otherwise destined for the landfill due to stains, holes, blemishes, etc. The good parts were salvaged & given new life in the form of these bags.  To me there is nothing better than repurposed textiles when their original use has come to an end. 

While the outsides of these bags are from vintage tablecloths, the linings are from vintage fabrics such as napkins, tea towels, ticking and more.  In this case, these coin purses were created using vintage napkins that were worn in places & had a bit of staining - no staining in the liners, not to worry. 

Each bag has a hidden fusible lining adding to the stability & durability of these bags.  They are finished with a modern, metal zipper for ease of use. 

Please note not every bag is exactly the same due to the changing pattern in the material used.  

Two designs available:  Red Floral and White Floral.

Red Floral
White Floral