Thornton W. Burgess Animal Library: 8 Book Set in Original Box with Illustrations by Harrison Cady


Title:  Thornton Burgess Animal Library - 8 Book Set in Original Box - the stories include:  Fun at the Queer Trail, Robber the Rat Loses Out, Paddy the Beaver's Visitor, Reddy Fox Leaves in a Hurry, Peter Rabbit Goes Scouting, A Bear Scare, Bobby Coon's Surprise, and Flash, The Young Deer.
Format:  softcovers (think vintage pamphlets but in book style)
Author:  Thornton W. Burgess
Illustrator:  Harrison Cady
Year:  1961
Publisher:  The Platt & Munk Boxed Library
Length: unnumbered
Each Book Measures:  6.75" wide by 7.75" tall
Condition:  The box has been well-loved, crushed & taped over the years.  Yet it is still hanging on.  The books inside have fared much better.  They are in decent condition - no writing, torn or missing pages noted.  The staples holding them together have rusted onto the pages over the years.  Fun at the Queer Trail has a bit of foxing (age spots) on the cover.  Flash, A Young Deer seems to have been the most loved & read as it has smudges on the pages & the marks from the pages being slightly bent in the middle still show.