Pair of Winston Easy Growth in Reading Vintage School Books-Good Stories & Looking Forward


– Sold Out

Title:  Easy Growth in Reading Books:  Good Stories and Looking Forward
Format:  Clothbound Hardcovers
Authors:  Gertrude Hildreth, Allie Lou Felton, Alice Meighen, and Marjorie Pratt
Illustrators:  Corinne Malvern (Good Stories) and Erick Berry, Frederick T. Chapman, and Joan Esley
Year:  1957 and 1944
Publisher:  The John C. Winston Company
Length: 156 Pages and 442 Pages
Dimensions: 6" wide by 8" tall
Condition:  Cover and spine wear noted especially around the edges. Looking Forward has damage to the bottom of the spine as shown in the photos.  This damage has made the spine & binding a bit loose in that area.  There is school writing on both inside covers.  No other writing noted.  Both books are tightly bound.  No missing pages noted.  A page tear at the bottom noted here & there as these books have been well-read over the years - over and over again used to teach classes for years.  Imagine all of the children who have listened to these stories & learned to read with the help of these books!